Rosemount Retaining Wall

This client called me because her back yard consisted of a huge hill and the steep grade was difficult to walk up. The area above the hill flattened out and she had a large flat yard up at the top of a hill that was impossible to get to. She had done her research and asked all the right questions at the consultation. She had other people out to look at this project and had hit dead ends with each. The scale of the project was intimidating but I felt confident we could deliver exactly what she needed which was a nice grass lower courtyard and safe access up the hill to the large flat area. As always, we started by digging:

We were here for 4 weeks after excavation and ended up hauling 3 full semi loads of retaining wall block in. Each block weighs 82 lbs, I still get a little twinge in my back thinking about this one. I also think this project turned into one of my favorite. By the time we finished, even the clients 80 year old mother could make it up to the top safely and there was a large courtyard at the bottom.

I also had some fun with the design for the landings between teirs.

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