Apple Valley Retaining wall and Paver Patio 2015

I met this client when he called me out to install a small paver patio in his front yard. He mentioned that he had several other companies out to look at a larger project in the back yard but none had got back to him with plans or a quote. When I turned the corner, I knew why immediately.

This kind of project is right in our wheel house and we got to work on the design right away. He asked me for a backyard and since there was none, we had to create one. We started by digging and hauling truckloads of overburden out. The next step was the retaining wall and grading work. We had to bring in a structural engineer to assist with the design as we needed to know how much load the back wall could support. This was important in deciding where we could set grade and therefore affected the project as a whole. If we would have filled up too high on the back wall, we could have caused structural damage to the home.
This project turned out fantastic and we were able to deliver on our promise to create a back yard!

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