Apple Valley, MN


30 tons crushed gravel


Our clients enjoy entertaining

So we designed this space with that in mind.

There was an existing timber retaining wall that had rotted out and was starting to fail so we ripped that out and got to work on the new patio space.

This client asked if we could squeeze a bar area, large fire pit and plenty of lounge space into the design that already required a retaining wall and steps.

The retaining wall that needed replacement is right next to the deck footings, the old wall had allowed for erosion to create negative flow under the deck so we filled in along the foundation and re-graded to make sure water would not sit between the house and our patio.

This project was an exercise in efficiency as we were able to complete this project in just over a week despite inclement weather. The reason we were able to keep working was the mats we use. Plywood mats would have been destroyed but the new composite mats stayed in one piece and allowed us access when we should have been stuck in mud.

The finished patio has a ton of space and has a nice flow between the different spaces to create a great outdoor living space.




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