Apple Valley Fire pit with pergola swings

Some of my clients have poured hours into online research and found pictures of projects that inspire ideas I can integrate into their design.

Websites like Houzz, Pinterest and social networking sites have made it possible for craftsmen and design professionals to share ideas like never before and the result has been massive traffic to these sites by people looking to make their home renovation dreams a reality.

My client had been on pinterest and found this picture that started the ball rolling.

fire pit and swing



The client wanted something more refined and permanent.

The back yard offered limited space so it was important that the patio could entertain with or without the fire pit in use. That is one consideration when installing a permanent fire pit and we wanted a way to keep the space flexible day and night.

This is what the back yard looked like upon arrival at the site:

Fire swing Before



The final product

incorporates a hexagonal swing that surrounds half of the paver patio with a raised stone fire pit in the center. There is also a pergola top over the swings to provide some shade as there are no mature trees on the property. Look closely at the table, it has a hole for an umbrella!

Fire pit and swings on paver patio



Construction Materials

The swing and frame are made of cedar along with the table insert for the fire pit. For the paver patio we chose to use two different pavers. The Willow Creek Circlestone in Lakeshore Blend for the area around the fire pit and Willow Creek Slatestone Bleu was used for the landing. We also used an accent paver around the border to create visual contrast.

The fire pit itself has a built in receiver for a wood fire cooking grate to be placed over the coals. The fire pit table insert is designed to “snap” into place so it will not fall into the pit or be unstable.

Fire pit with table insert



The hidden beauty of this project is in it’s flexibility

It can be a great picnic and lounge area during the day, but when the sun goes down the fire pit is ready to be the center piece of this patio. And if you are so inclined, you can grill dinner right on the open fire!


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