Lakeville, MN

We Love a challenge…
This beautiful new home in Lakeville, MN was built in 2018. The clients already had a deck installed as they both enjoy spending time outside. The area under their deck was rather useless and the small back yard was mostly drain swale. Lakeville is notorious for heavy clay content so parts of the yard stayed wet for days after a rain event.
Typically we like to install the patio before the deck steps are installed but the steps were already there, so we had to design a patio that would meet with the bottom deck step. The grade change required that we design a tiered patio surface that would provide an upper and lower patio area. The upper patio provided space for a table and chairs while the lower patio will sport a portable fire pit and some flexible lounge space. The paver we chose has clean architectural lines and featured Kolorlast technology which means the concrete is pre-sealed during the manufacturing process to protect against staining and fading. We also designed a dry river bed abutting the patio to manage the water flowing through the yard in heavy rain.
This patio was designed with sustainability and water management in mind and will provide a great setting to entertain for years to come.

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