If you are in need of a professional landscape contractor to install a paver patio, retaining wall, fire feature or other masonry project in the Evermoor neighborhood of Rosemount, MN you are on the right page. We are already working and living in your neighborhood so give us a call for your free consultation. An experienced design professional will meet with you and work with you to create a unique project design that fits your needs and budget.

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We are residents of Evermoor in Rosemount and take great pride in the unique landscaping projects we have designed for our clients. Evermoor Projects have included outdoor kitchens, fire features, paver patios, decorative features and paver driveways. Each and every project is an original, hand-built work of art and we make sure that our projects stand up to the test of time and the most discerning customers.

I had seen this unique approach to seating on social media so I was excited when this client brought the idea up to do a half octagon swing around the fire pit. This project presented a challenge because we did not bring any heavy equipment in. They client had a party planned and the fence was another obstacle so wheel barrels and man power got this job done! You can see this fire pit also features a cooking grate and when the pit is not in use, we designed a cedar table top that snaps onto the stone surround.

This beautiful outdoor kitchen space gives the client a place to party and picnic with family and friends.

This patio and firepit space was installed before I moved into the neighborhood. Turns out I live right across the street from this patio now.

This is a huge 2 tiered patio installed in Evermoor in 2010. This was one of the last projects of the year and it turned out fantastic!