22 Years ago, the very first concrete countertops were being cast. Concrete technology and techniques have come a long way since then, today we can run fiber optics and make amazing custom features that are simply not possible with granite and other natural stone surfaces. Please take some time to do research on our website and external sources. The beauty and strength of concrete can be tailored to create one of a kind masterpieces in your kitchen, or in your outdoor living areas.

With this technology, we can do what many of our competitors cannot. We can cast seamless, curved capstones and countertops that are cheaper, stronger and more functional than what our competitors are using which is either segmental concrete blocks glued together or custom cut natural stone. both applications have their places, but we believe that the ability to cast custom concrete pieces onsite gives our projects the class and distinction that make our finished products some of the best in the business.

Please see some of the following links for more info about what can be done at your home with concrete.

Concrete Countertop FAQs